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Block B's fans get mad at U-Kwon's behavior towards fans with his relationship

Pann: Block B's girlfriend

U-Kwon & his girlfriend


1. [+42, -0] The fans are really pissed because of this couple. Honestly I'm a little pissed too. In his thanks to, he didn't mention the fans and only mentioned his girlfriend. In the next album, he even wrote the girlfriend's nickname and said "I love you". For the fans, all he said was "thank you". Honestly U-Kwon doesn't really mention about the fans. I guess we're just ATMs. I don't feel the same from other members but with him, I feel that we're just ATMs. He missed his part because he was busy kissing his couple ring. In an interview, he was asked, "what does a fan mean to you?" and he just answered, "BBC". I know we're BBC but... We still didn't complain because we thought he was being shy but with this incident, the fans are bursting the anger they held back. A fan gave him a bracelet as a gift but he gave it to his girlfriend. He also gave other gifts to his girlfriend. We're nothing to her ㅋㅋ On his official fansite, he posted a picture of himself and girlfriend together. His fansite letter was poorly written and we could tell that it was written without any effort ㅋㅋ He better make proper choices this time if he doesn't want fans turning their backs on him... His girlfriend might be once but the fans are once, too. + There was a game where each member was playing with a fan. The game was about eating quickly. The MC said the members could eat the food for their partners. When a fan was chosen to be U-Kwon's partner, his face was so unpleasant. Other members were standing close to their partners, but only U-Kwon was standing far from his partner. The MC said to U-Kwon, "will you eat the food if your partner asks to? If you refuse, she'll have to eat twice of the amount" but he still refused to. Meanwhile, the other members went straight and volunteered to eat the food for their partners. There was no skinship at all but he still acted rude. The fan had to do the game and she looked like she was about to cry. Jaehyo and PO stepped up and said they could do it for her and stood beside her.

2. [+35, -1] What's wrong with him? I'm not interested in him dating so I didn't care about the bracelet and the ring incidents but this is too much ㅋㅋ Does he think the fans are demanding him to date them or what? The fans pay their own money to go to the fansigns, events, and fanmeets. He should show the basic manners for it. What is he doing? Doesn't he know how to separate work and private life? He thinks only his girlfriend is precious. If I was the fan, I'd go mad, shout at U-Kwon, and leave the stage. We're not expecting Block B to act like our boyfriends. We only want fanservice as fans. He still refuses to do it and embarrasses the fans

3. [+23, -1] I saw a fancam of a fansign in Japan. The other members hugged the fans tight and Jaehyo even held a fan in his coat but U-Kwon only did handshakes and didn't make eye contacts. Honestly I wouldn't even participate in it... What the hell is this...


Pann: U-Kwon's Twitter is on private ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. [+94, -21] I know U-Kwon is in Block B but I don't know his face. I didn't care when I heard that he was openly dating. But I saw how he treated his fans and I don't know what he'll do if he breaks up with his girlfriend. He's thoughtless. Is he gonna say "I love you everyone" if he break up?

2. [+72, -14] He put his account back. What the hell is he doing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+71, -121] You should respect his private life if you're a fan. I honestly don't understand because you're being too harsh

4. [+56, -8] This is my first time of seeing such pitiful fans of an idol...

5. [+50, -6] It's hard to defend him anymore. People post the pictures of them dating to cheer them up but she says it's burdensome. Then why are they posting their own pictures? We cheered for them because we wanted to respect their private lives but she says it's burdensome. Meanwhile, U-Kwon shuts down his Twitter because he's pissed at the fans. Closing Twitter means he's turning his back on the fans. So immature ㅋㅋ Of course he can date, and we supported him. But his behavior is wrong. A fan made a bracelet for U-Kwon but he gave it to his girlfriend. A fan made a doll for him but he gave it to his girlfriend's dog. We're worse than the dog. Honestly up until this, I didn't understand him but I still cheered for him and tried to understand because I'm a fan. He should act careful if he's openly dating. He should thank the fans who are still cheering for him but I hate how he's turning his back on the fans because they're cheering for him. This is breaking the trust of Block B I believed for three years. I'm more disappointed and I don't understand. What is he gonna do when he breaks up? All the fans will be gone by then... I'm mad but I'm also disappointed and sad. Doesn't he see how we held back until now? I had to fangirl quietly, was it all useless? U-Kwon said the fans are just BBC and he didn't mention the fans in thanks to. I still held back and defended him despite the hate I got. I trusted that he's not the type of person. But the trust I had for three years was gone yesterday. I'm not confident to trust again. I tried hard and clarified and apologized for everything he did but I only got ignored. How low did he think of us to treat us like this and to turn his back? I think it's because we were always defending him. Fans are not gonna defend him all the time. He should apologize if he's at fault. But he acted mad and shut down his Twitter yesterday. Before this, he tweeted and told us to stop. Did we follow or threaten his girlfriend or what?

6. [+35, -5] I'm not a fan of Block B but the more I see U-Kwon, the more I get frustrated ㅋㅋㅋ His fans are amazing ㅋㅋ The ATMs. I've seen idols who dated publicly after getting popular but it's my first time of seeing an idol who dates publicly before getting popular ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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