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Bad news > good news

Pann: Yoo Se Yoon's SNS experiment

Yoo Se Yoon:

"I did an experiment on SNS. I posted, "I'm happy when I act as a baboon." At the same time, I also posted, "I really hate acting as a baboon" on a different SNS. The result was simple. After hours, "I really hate acting as a baboon" was on the main of various portal sites. I concluded that people are looking for provocative contents. I also concluded that people believe me when I act provocative."


1. [+210, -1] True... People are more interested in bad rumors than good rumors ㅠㅠ

2. [+180, -1] Yoo Se Yoon is a really rare comedian

3. [+116, -0] What Song Cha Ok journalist said in a lecture on Pinocchio was very true

4. [+28, -0] It's not that related but... I read this in a psychology book. I read that when someone is asked, "how are you?", people unconsciously prefer answers like "I'm doing very bad" than "I'm very good"...

5. [+18, -0] When there's a bad rumor, people make up all sorts of fake stories to make the rumor true. After the person dies people will say, "they were a good person". Shittizens

6. [+14, -0] Negative news are spread 9 times faster than positive news. You learn it in psychology and business

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