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The four biggest lovers in 21st century

Pann: The four biggest lovers in 21st century

1. Super Junior Sungmin

2. EXO Baekhyun

3. Bigbang G-Dragon

4. F(x) Sulli


1. [+200, -78] Soon to be changed to "the five biggest lovers"


2. [+195, -66] The reason why Baekhyun's relationship was a hot topic is because of his big popularity. The other three are not even comparable to him. A relationship is too different from marriage, right-winger, and absence ㅋㅋ

3. [+154, -35] Isn't it more of Taeyeon to speak accurately? How many dating rumors did she have besides this year? Baekhyun was only being stupid and not considering his future and fans but Taeyeon's age and experience are too far from being stupid. Taeyeon is a bigger attention seeker than Baekhyun


4. [+71, -7] GD fangirls take a right-winger too lightly. Dating a right-winger is the trashiest thing

5. [+70, -6] Why are there so many lovers in SM...

6. [+63, -7] GD is the top... What are you gonna do with a right-wing girlfriend...

7. [+55, -4] Honestly, can Baekhyun even compete ㅋㅋ All Baekhyun did was taking his fans as a joke but the others did more than playing around their fans ㅋㅋ

8. [+53, -9] Shouldn't you put Taeyeon instead of Baekhyun?

9. [+49, -4] GD is legendary... He's dating a right-winger ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+43, -5] Where's Taeyeon? She's a more serious case than Baekhyun

11. [+41, -2] I expected Sungmin, Baekhyun, GD and D.O but then I saw Sulli. I forgot about her

12. [+37, -8] I'm a non-fan but it's more of Taeyeon. On her Instagram, she posts a video of herself pretending to be drunk... She whines about how she gets bashed by the fans of male idols... She's 26 and she's been in the industry for 8 years already. Is she immature or is she an attention seeker...

13. [+35, -7] Taeyeon is the big lover, what are you talking about? It's the first time for Baekhyun but it's not for Taengoo~

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