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Objective evaluations of trendy girl groups

Pann: Objective evaluations of trendy girl groups

Girl's Day

- They were a very hot girl group last year and this year.
- They released many albums for a long time while being a nugu, but were ignored by the public except for a minority of fans and students.
- But starting with Expect, Female President, Something, and Darling all succeeded.
- I Miss You didn't do as well.
- Hyeri's aegyo on Real Man expanded the fandom.
- At first, Minah was rescusing the group but after the addition of Yura and Hyeri, Yura got all the recognition for her bagle body. And then there was Hyeri's scandal, bringing the spotlight to the entire group.
- After Expect, their public popularity increased and they all have good visuals, so their fandom is variety.

- High popularity by the public, which is important for girl groups
- 4 members all have good visuals
- 4 members are all unique in variety shows
- Size of their fandom isn't bad (65,000)

- They don't have an outstanding vocal (Minah is good but she's not as good as other main vocals)
- Their image consumption is critical due to the sexy concept
- Sojin turns 30 next year


- They had recognition since debut, and hit daebak with Sistar 19
- When they were getting criticisms for Hyorin being the only good singer, Some hit daebak and it proved Soyu's vocal talent
- They do constant promotions on variety shows and have their own characteristics
- They also have athletics-dol image because of their good performance on IAC
- Their concept is healthy+sexy, which is a bit different from Girls Day

- High public recognition, success in digital charts (lots of their featurings succeed)
- Hyorin and Soyu's vocal talent

- Iljin-dol image since debut + They're seen as rude on variety shows
- Their visual lacks comparing to other girl groups
- Weak fandom (26,000)
- They got criticisms due to their overly sexy concept - image consumption


- They're included because their public recognition has risen much
- The company says this group is both a band and a dance group but their band promotion was only MOYA, which makes them more of a dance girl group
- They started getting recognized with Confused and hit daebak with Miniskirt
- Short Hair and Like a Cat also did well

- They still have potential since it's the beginning of their peak
- They can change their image with their band concept - will the company really do it though?

- People don't know the members except Jimin, Seolhyun and Choa
- Miniskirt, Short Hair, and Like a Cat all sound similar because they're from Brave Brothers. It's like Secret's Magic and Madonna. If they want to get popular, they need to show some changes with next album.
- It feels like they're overdoing their sexy concept for public recognition.
- Weak fandom (21,000)


- They succeeded with an uncommon cute concept
- They got criticisms for copying SNSD but their promotions did well overall
- Eunji replied hard and it helped Apink a lot
- NoNoNo hit daebak and so did Mr Chu
- LUV is doing okay (it was #1 before God Hyo Shin charted)

- There's no replacement for them because cute concept is not common
- Big fandom (100,000 - third after Soshi and IU)
- Good results on digital & physical sales
- Their concept was the same but their changed concept with LUV is fresh

- The members have weak recognition except Naeun and Eunji
- The members are not good on variety shows except Bomi and Eunji - They're too shy but still had 5 reality shows - It worked to build their fandom
- The members can't sing well except Eunji - BnN is not bad but they're not good enough
- The fandom's image is the worst (Pinkroaches) - It's like every fandom is an enemy of Apink's fandom - It reminds of Soneroaches in the past
- Plagiarism image


1. [+124, -8] To speak about AOA, they did two songs of a band and a dance. Their band song flopped, so they did 4 dance songs afterwards, which is how they got here ㅋㅋ And yet people complain, "I liked them when they were a band..." Their band promotion is scheduled next year but when they do it, I think people will say "I like their dance songs better"

2. [+104, -31] Sistar's digital results are a wall, it's a pity how they don't get the awards at year-end awards. There aren't much girl groups who can rank #1 on Melon

3. [+102, -41] If we're talking about public recognition and not the fandoms, Orange Caramel should be there instead of AOA. Girl's Day, Apink, and Sistar are trendy indeed

4. [+42, -40] I don't like them all except Apink because they're all sexy concept... It's not like the only concepts available are cute and sexy. AOA's songs sound the same so they should change up. Apink is better than a sexy concept but their cute concept is getting boring... People say they don't suit sexy concept but I think they could. Repeating one concept is boring, same with Sistar. They expose every time... At least Girl's Day came up with Darling...

5. [+40, -8] Minah is good only in Girl's Day. She lacks a lot comparing to other vocals

6. [+37, -3] Girl's Day was too sexual. They exposed their butts and legs... It's embarrassing. Their exposure is the reason why they succeeded. It's a pity that you have to do it to get popular

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