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K-fans talk about B.I's debut & future

Pann: To those who are criticizing B.I because of his father

(Pann defends B.I)


1. [+315, -9] The children of the victims are not at fault at all, either ^^

2. [+297, -10] Fuck, do you think he's the only one who struggles everyday? Do you think he's the only kid with a hard life in the world? The victims' families are more desperate than him. You don't realize the situation

3. [+255, -8] If I was a family member of the victims, I'd get really mad seeing him debut and promote on the TV. The fans will like him if he debuts but I don't think non-fans will view him positively

4. [+92, -47] The victims' families will like it so much if the son of their money thief is on TV laughing and having a good life (sarcasm)

5. [+92, -2] B.I is not at fault. He quit school and was stuck in the training room for his dream. But where do you think he got his living expenses when he was a trainee? The children of the victims don't even have a chance to practice for their dreams

6. [+86, -4] The fans will feel bad, but no one will view him positively when he's a son of a criminal. In this generation, you can't avoid your family traits. Didn't the children of the victims also get hurt from their family traits? They don't even have a chance to achieve their dreams because of his dad... Well, their families broke apart, so having a dream is even too much to ask


1. [+258, -40] B.I is not at fault but if he has some thoughts, then he shouldn't debut... The victims will be fucking happy when they see his face on the TV and in posters

2. [+239, -20] What's funny is that no matter what we say, B.I will debut and YG will bury this incident with money. The victims are again gonna be shedding bloody tears. Life's unfair. For the victims, everyday is hell and they're desperate to eat and live. B.I will never worry about starving to death even if he doesn't debut. If he does, then he'll be living a fancy life forgetting about the victims ^^ The life's so fair, I can't

3. [+182, -6] The class ㅋㅋㅋ



1. [+85, -4] I don't like YG but I watched MIX & MATCH and thought, "he's so talented and hard-working at such a young age..." but he's about to clash at an unexpected point. Honestly, it's a bit unfortunate but thinking about the victims, it's..... ugh

2. [+79, -8] At first, I felt bad for him because it's only his dad's fault. But after reading about how the victims' children don't even have a chance to have a dream, I stopped feeling bad... He'll shamelessly promote because he's in YG but the victims and their families will be so mad

3. [+66, -20] YG lets criminals promote, why not a criminal's son

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