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Suho's father is a right-winger?

Instiz: Proofs that Suho's father Kim Yong Ha is a part of New Right

(New Right is a group that supports pro-Japanese collaborators)

Suho's father was the person who first came up with the reformation of public workers' pay, which unfairly controls the payment of public workers. After the reformation was announced, there were severe criticisms from public worker union and the media. He resigned after, but is demanding an apology from the union and the media for defamation. 

He had said, "if you're 65 and you're still getting the basic pension, you've been living a wrong life."

Other well-known sayings from New Right:

1) Revealing the name list of pro-Japanese collaborators is an act to stop Korea's development
2) Japan has legal and historical proofs to claim that Dokdo is theirs
3) Comfort women was volunteered prostitution, Ahn Joong Geun was a terrorist


- So the money Suho spent was right-wing money....

- The descendants of right-wing families still get criticized. I don't think you can just shield this

- So shocking... I only thought that Suho was well-educated but they're New Right...


Instiz: EXO Suho's father is cheering for the government by mentioning Sewol Ferry incident

Summary of a writing written by Suho's father: 

Our country is a democratic country and a democratic country follows by the citizens' level, so this is your level. You're expecting too many things from a not-so-rich country. If you want to be guaranteed safe, you either have to pay more tax or stay quiet. The country and the president are not gods.


- I have nothing to say. Can he really say that as a Korean...

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So funny. I want to teach him the proper history and manners. I can't believe that someone like him is a professor

- Doesn't he feel sorry to his son as a parent?

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