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Idol groups' greetings

Pann: Collection of idol groups' greetings

B1A4 - "Let's fly! Hello, we're B1A4!"

B.A.P - "We're B.A.P! Yes sir! Hello, we're B.A.P!"

JYJ - "Hello, we're JYJ"

GOT7 - "Come and get it! GOT7!"

Girl's Day - "Everyday Girl's Day! Hello, we're Girl's Day~"

Red Velvet - "Happiness! Hello, we're Red Velvet!"

Bangtan Boys - "Two, three, Bang(Tang!) Tan(Tang!) Hello, we're Bangtan Boys!"

Block B - "A yo! Do you wanna B? Block B!"

Beast - "So~~~ Beast! Hello, we're Beast!"

VIXX - "Hello! Real V~ We're V.I.X.X!"

Infinite - "Hello, we're Infinite ^^"

ZE:A - "Hello, we're ZE;A ^^"

SHINee - "Hello! We're shining SHINee <3"

SNSD - "Now is Girls' Generation! Hello! We're Girls' Generation ^^"

Super Junior - "We're Super Juni_or!"

Shinhwa - "Hello, we're Shinhwa! (it's Shinhwa!)"

Shinhwa's full version - "We're a group Shinhwa who dreams to create a new legend in the music industry!"

Chorong, "one, two, three"
Everyone, "Hello, we're Apink!"

EXO - "We are one! Hello, we're EXO"

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