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Jay Park posts a shirtless selca

Pann: Park Jaebum's +19 selca while shirtless and with a wet hair, 'even with sensual eyes'


1. [+149, -58] His skin though. How can a man have such good skin?

2. [+145, -64] I envy his skin ㅠㅠ

3. [+83, -83] When a woman posts a picture like that, she gets hate. When Jaebum posts it, the fangirls go, "omo~ oppa's body is so good~ Wow, look at the abs~ <3" Tsk tsk

4. [+78, -81] He looks like he'd have a really small penis

5. [+71, -36] When a man posts a picture like that, people say "omo Jaebum oppa is sexy.." When a woman does it, she gets called cheap

6. [+50, -32] The bathroom light is the best for taking selca

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