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Haha and Noh Hong Chul get criticized for their "Show Me The Bikka" project on Infinity Challenge

Article: Haha-HongChul's 'Show Me The Bikka' wins #1 on the assessment of experts... the members are about to cry

In this week's Infinity Challenge episode, the members had to come up with their own ideas for a new project. Haha and Noh Hong Chul came up with 'Show Me The Bikka' (bikka = pay off debt) Each member starts off with a debt of $10,000. With each round, they have to perform standing comedy and the experts judge their performance. Depending on the result they get, their debt will be deducted each round. Noh Hong Chul and Haha are not to participate in it because they're the creators of the project.


1. [+9804, -310] The idea is good but if they're going to do that, then Noh Hong Chul and Haha should also participate

2. [+8582, -877] Honestly, the idea of Show Me The Bikka is frustrating. The viewers will find it funny but the members will be so pressured. I wouldn't have complained if Haha and Hongchul are also gonna participate. They're making the hyungs do it and yet they're not gonna be going this... I don't think Show Me The Bikka should happen. If they're gonna do it, then Haha and Hongchul should also participate in it

3. [+7273, -669] It's so uncomfortable how the members are forced to spend money on the broadcast... Haha is so annoying

4. [+6090, -783] Honestly, this is dislikable. Don't do it

5. [+4524, -316] I think Myungsoo will be the funny one

6. [+1688, -103] Do they really have to do Show Me The Bikka... Haha and Hongchul are so selfish. I think they're taking comedy too easily because they're not gonna be doing it. I feel so bad seeing the members' faces... They have pride as comedians and how are they gonna deal with the pressure... I think their image will be changed by the result, I don't think it'll be that funny

7. [+1569, -36] Haha and Hongchul should definitely participate, how dare they staying out of this ㅋㅋ They can cast the MCs

8. [+1513, -54] I think it'll be funny but Haha and Hongchul are giving pressure to the hyungs and they're staying out of it... Isn't $10,000 too much?

9. [+1465, -64] Why aren't Haha and Hongchul participating in this??? What's the reason?? They're so annoying, they should at least get 100 hits on their butt instead

10. [+1365, -99] They're taking $10,000 as a joke. Are they insulting the citizens?

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