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'IU impersonator' Shannon makes her debut

Article: Shannon, "a mixed girl? IU impersonator? I want to go over the limit" (interview)

Source: Star News

1. [+1514, -39] Why did she have to choose a crazy company? The start is important. Anyways, work hard

2. [+1266, -31] She's on Hidden Singer too many times

3. [+1195, -33] She's in T-ara's company ㅠㅠ Hul

4. [+973, -20] (irrelevant)

5. [+657, -129] She's pretty in an exotic way. Work had

6. [+152, -5] She needs to stop media-playing using IU if she wants to get popular

7. [+147, -2] Coming on Hidden Singer as an impersonator of IU actually damaged her image. She would've got enough attention as a foreigner even if she didn't do it

8. [+151, -6] Honestly she didn't even sound like IU


Article: 'Hidden Singer 3' Shannon debuts as a mature woman from 'IU girl'

Source: TV report

1. [+583, -39] Her lip-sync bothered me

2. [+484, -27] It was lip-synced and the stage was pre-recorded ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+457, -39] Did she learn how to lip-sync from T-ara?

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