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Idol groups liked by teens

Instiz: The singers that male and female teenagers like the most

Ranking is done by a teen magazine MODU

Boy groups:

1. EXO (31.4%)

2. SHINee (23.7%)

3. Bigbang (18.3%)

4. Beast

5. Infinite


Girl groups

1. Apink (22.8%)

2. IU (18.1%)

3. SNSD (16.6%)

4. Girl's Day

5. AOA


- EXO!!! I thought their popularity would decrease due to the three scandals... So proud

- I guess I'm a real teenager... My biases EXO SHINee Apink

- There's always a Bigbang fan and an Infinite fan in each class

- Ohh Apink

- The boys in my school all like Girl's Day ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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