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BoA at Big Match press conference

Pann: BoA to star in a Korean film for the first time


1. [+77, -7] Shin Ha Gyun, Lee Jung Jae, and La Miran are gonna star in Big Match... and then BoA goes and ruins the casting

2. [+75, -8] Am I the only one who thinks BoA's face has changed? And I really don't want her to act. Unless she's as good as Siwan, she should just stick to singing

3. [+69, -13] Am I the only one who dislikes her? I acknowledge her singing but she can't act at all. She doesn't have the face for acting and it's not like she brings much attention like other idols. I hate how she keeps getting acting roles by her powerful company

4. [+19, -3] When she debuted, she had an interview and said an actor should act and a singer should sing. She said she would never go on acting and built a good image. But she quietly starred in an American film and is now starring in a Korean film after the American film flopped... I used to like her because she seemed to know what she was doing and she sang well but now I don't like her

5. [+13, -2] This post is obviously written by her company
(TN: This pann is one of the media-playing posts)

6. [+13, -3] Think of how many antis she had when she debuted. She still managed to succeed in Japan. What would the kids know about it ㅋㅋ

7. [+12, -1] I think her face has changed... Is it really BoA?

8. [+10, -2] Who are you?

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