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Epik High says Born Hater is not dissing Woolim

Article: Epik High, "'Born Hater' is not dissing Woolim"


1. [+4333, -150] The lyrics are amazing. The punch lines are also awesome... Especially these lyrics in Rich, "we live through by borrowing money but is having a dream a waste"... Tablo is a genius

2. [+2943, -113] It depends on how you interpret the lyrics ㅋㅋ If he says it wasn't a diss, then it means it's not a diss from the outside. It's Tablo's talent in lyrics

3. [+2561, -72] The lyrics are so amazing

4. [+1925, -110] He still intended it...

5. [+2014, -346] It's a diss for sure... Tablo is so smart so he made it ambiguous ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+354, -24] Yeah Epik High was an assistant when Infinite debuted. I also found out Infinite through Epik High. It's good to see them both doing well, they're my favorites

7. [+344, -21] Even if it's a diss, Woolim can't say anything... They were too harsh on Tablo at that time, although I wouldn't know the insights. I became a fan of Infinite because of Epik High... It's a pity that the image is too different when they're from the same company. But they're both doing well anyways

8. [+318, -12] He's basically saying that he collapsed himself while trying to grow Infinite. He's not saying that he collapsed because of them. It's true that he meant Infinite by the "infinite line" but it's not a bad meaning

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