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Celebrities mourn Shin Hae Chul's death

Article: [Photo] Psy sobs as he says farewell to the late Shin Hae Chul


1. [+477, -19] I don't understand why people criticize him for getting his hair done. Don't pay attention to the details, just try to see his mind. I think attending a funeral with a neat look is also a way of respecting the dead. Just see his mind... Don't comment on the details, this is a sad situation. Rest in peace

2. [+385, -10] It's sad... It's heartbreaking to see someone go...

3. [+347, -8] These comments ㅡㅡ Do you really think he's acting fake? It's because your eyes are the problem, tsk tsk. These haters are just trash


Article: Seo Taiji says a remembrance statement at a funeral of the late Shin Hae Chul, "thank you for giving us the best music"

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1. [+387, -19] You were my rockstar, mentor, and hero. The grade 6 student who didn't even start learning English memorized the English rap in "Hello". He always sang "To Her" as the last song at karaokes with a hoarse voice. He fell asleep while listening to your voice under the blanket. The boy who followed you to the concerts and shouted "Lazenca" in the 90's is aged and now an ahjusshi like you... As I was getting old and the life was tiring, I had forgotten you more and more. When you came back as N.EX.T with a new album after years and held a concert, I had gone as excited as the boy in the 90's. Two days ago, I went to see you for the very last time. The song that was playing beside you, the confidence you had in the funeral picture, I'll remember them forever. I'm so sorry for forgetting you a bit with the excuse of being busy. Thank you so much for the memories and for protecting my youth. I'll protect what you left and I'll miss it. You left today... I should've gone to see you... I'm sorry for not going. Bye, Mawang. Bye, my hero.

2. [+267, -9] The hospital must be preparing so much right now. They did a surgery he didn't agree to. Considering how they're safe even after a celebrity's death, they must have no problem when non-celebrities die... I'm worried because if they decide to cremate his body, the truth might not be revealed...

3. [+201, -8] Thank you for making good music. Rest in peace...

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