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Apink's LUV plagiarized SES songs?

Pann: Apink's recent song is a total SES rip-off


1. [+181, -34] They're plagiarism-dols for sure

2. [+157, -29] NoNoNo was also a copy but the issue was ignored. They're gonna ignore it again this time, right?

3. [+141, -30] Apink's songs remind of SES and Fin K.L. They'll get boring they don't change

4. [+54, -6] I think SM will get pissed ㅋㅋ They keep copying SM girl groups

5. [+53, -7] Pinkroaches are elementary school students so they don't know SES songs and keep demanding that it's not a copy

6. [+47, -7] It was a mix between a several SES songs ㅋㅋ

7. [+44, -8] I really agree ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They mixed a bunch of SES songs. Idiots

8. [+38, -7] The song reminded me of SES's Love

9. [+37, -8] Apink is the real plagiarism-dols ㅋㅋ How many songs did they plagiarize? The same goes to the outfits

10. [+36, -1] It reminded me of SES songs, too. I think they always copy the certain beats that are in SES songs.... It's not Apink's fault but I don't know why the company keeps doing this. Is this a way of marketing? But 4Minute and Beast are not like this, though

11. [+35, -2] This is a serious problem. Their concept is Fin K.L and SES mixed but I can understand this because their concept is fairy-dols. Their outfits are SM and songs are SES. In NoNoNo, the "you were always the light~" and "gather the dreams" were 100% same but they ignored it. With this song, they copied the certain beats you can find in SES songs only. It's basically an SES song in the late 90's. One part is completely the same. "Can't we go back in time~" in Luv and "I'll live with it~" in SES's In The Name of Love are completely the same. Shinsadong Tiger acts sly and avoids plagiarism rules. Even though their concept is fairy-dols, don't they know that Apink will get hate if they keep copying SES? The same goes to the stylist, why do they keep copying stuff from SM? I don't want to point it out but I have to because they're too similar. Do they think Apink can get bigger with this? The staff shows that they're slacking off. If this keeps happening, Apink will never get away from their plagiarism-dol image. Mr Chu didn't get accused of plagiarism but the song was even better... Apink's company needs to do something. I like how Apink reminds me of SES songs but it doesn't look good to see them copying again and again. Make creative and better music. I'm not blaming Apink

12. [+35, -7] I read an article and it said Apink members also participated in the production ㅋㅋㅋ It was either NoNoNo or LUV. The company and the members talk together to decide the concept and overall production, including outfits and hairstyle. Apink are the ones who are exposed to the public so it's a greed if they don't want to get any criticisms. Change the stylist and the composer

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