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Zhang Yuan and Tyler Rasch caught with visa violations

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Zhang Yuan-Tyler caught with visa violations? JTBC, "we reported ourselves, there is no problem"

While American member Tyler is completing his master's degree at Seoul National University and is in Korea with a D-2 student visa, Zhang Yuan is a former Chinese anchorman who is in Korea with an E-2 visa for foreign language teachers. Both require an E-6 visa to participate on the television program 'Abnormal Summit' as these visas permit foreigners to work in the entertainment field.

JTBC reportedly knew about Tyler and Zhang Yuan's visa statuses, but hired them for the pilot anyway before the show became a regular program. JTBC claimed that they had sought the Ministry of Justice's approval soon after but when Tyler and Zhang Yuan were discovered to have visa violations, Tyler was fined 500,000 won (approx. $474 USD) and Zhang Yuan was spared.

The two members are allowed to continue appearing on the show without the E-6 because the Ministry of Justice gave them 'conditional permission', but have limited endorsement activities. Zhang Yuan was reported to have promoted China's Tsingtao Beer at the Bitplex Mall recently. If he had been paid for this appearance, he would have been violating the ministry's order. (AKP)


1. [+798, -21] My comment is not related to the article but I'll say it. I really like how Abnormal Summit is doing well but I want them to act careful to avoid controversies and withdrawals. I hope this kind of thing doesn't happen again. I want to keep watching the show because it's so good

2. [+549, -64] There are always jealous people who hate on others' success

3. [+119, -26] The need E-6 (entertainment industry) visa to be on the broadcast - But Tyler and Zhang Yuan entered Korea with different visas - They appeared on the show without E-6 - They reported themselves and paid the fine. They have no problem with appearing on the show but it's true that they paid a fine due to visa violations. Instead of defending them and saying that people are jealous, you should tell them to be careful like the best reply is saying. Blindly defending the show will only leave a bad image on Abnormal Summit

4. [+27, -2] The comments are nonsense. Are you guys kids? If you earn money in a country, you have to pay tax. Even a part-time job includes 4 insurances. Whether the foreigners are funny or not, they're paid for the show and this is a business act. Why do you think Korean international students are working at Korean restaurants and paid so little? Because they're idiots? There exists a thing called visa and people need to follow the laws. They're having business promotions with a student visa, not a working visa. If this is against the laws, then they need to be punished. The ignorant fans like the best reply is what cause YG fangirls

5. [+27, -13] They violated the laws but people are defending them because they're popular ㅋㅋ

6. [+19, -4] Zhang Yuan has a teacher visa so he definitely violated the laws by having business promotions. The Ministry of Justice warned them on August but they still filmed CFs and had fansigns... How did they even get 'conditional permission'? Some can have business promotions without a visa but some can't? What law is this?

7. [+16, -0] JTBC's fault... They should've checked it beforehand. Is it a problem of the details?

8. [+16, -2] How is this bashing them? Tyler even had to pay $500 fine because he had business promotions without a proper visa. And what's conditional permission? Is the Ministry of Justice allowed to give such a permission?

9. [+15, -10] I felt the scariness of getting brainwashed by watching Zhang Yuan. He's a mix of sinocentrism and nationalism. It's scary because I feel like I'm watching Korea haters and North Koreans

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