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Blind items of idols who drugs their sex partners + who has an astonishing sex life

Instiz: [Sunday World] Idol D who drugs and has sex with non-celebrities

(This blind item was first posted on May)

Idol D has handsome looks and is quite popular. He gets a lot of love from his fans and recently starred in a drama and is succeeding. From outside, he doesn't seem to lack anything but if you hear the insights, he lacks a lot.

D is infamous for liking girls. He likes having sex with non-celebrities he meets at clubs and room services. D prefers having one night-stands with non-celebrities than getting a girlfriend.

The women line up to spend some time with him but he has a weird obsession. He drugs his partner. The medicines he uses are a variety of kinds, including sleeping pills and stimulants. He uses many kinds of provocative medicines for many reasons.

Because of this, the women who slept with D doesn't really remember their experiences. When his partner wakes up, D is already gone without any trait.

He slept with hundreds(?) of non-celebrities like that but his sex life is still on going.

[Sport World Entertainment team] 


- Why did they have to use D alphabet for his name though... I'm pissed

- It's possible to sleep with hundreds of people if someone goes around clubs all the time

- So did the women report him? 

- There was a blind item of A who feeds women his pee and now D feeds medicine... ㅋㅋ

(tn: I searched up this rumor but I got no results of guesses) 


Instiz: Sex maniac celebrity A "fill me with your thing"

(This blind item was first posted on July)

There's a celebrity who is like the main character of 'Nymphomaniac'

'Nymphomaniac' is a film about a female sex maniac. She found the pleasure of a genital at a young age and has sex with many different people, but it still doesn't satisfy her enough. Someone like this exists in our entertainment industry.

This is the case of a singer A. She keeps meeting men and is busy filling up her sexual pleasure. Her looks are totally opposite from a 'sex maniac'. She has innocent looks and has cool personalities, so she easily become friends with anyone. She has outstanding looks and she works at a variety of fields due to her long celebrity career.

But her mind is completely opposite from the outside. She's naughty and sexual to the maximum. She's said to be trying to sleep with the men she works in the same albums, projects, and variety shows. Her sex skills are also no joke and she has an ability of making men have premature ejaculation. Her absorptive force is as strong as a vacuum cleaner and it feels as if his veins would burst, giving orgasm.

Lately, A is into the stars who have it big. She's completely into the big things that fill her hard. She has sex with no condoms and is taking birth control pills instead. She even gives advices to the women who are having trouble with sex.


- Hul her image doesn't match at all...

- I recommend idol D

- The person who pops up as a related search totally doesn't match

- She's been getting bad blind items recently ㅠㅠㅠ The ones I read are already three

(tn: I searched up this rumor and Yoona popped up as a related search)

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