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Titanic chosen to be #1 film people hate the most because "it's too popular"

Article: 'Titanic' chosen to be #1 film people hate the most because "it's too popular"

"The ten films people hate because they're too popular"

#1 - Titanic
#2 - Christopher Nolan's films
#3 - Crash
#4 - Avatar
#5 - Citizen Kane
#6 - Hangover
#7 - The Artist
#8 - Marvel films
#9 - Forrest Gump
#10 - Gravity


1. [+4335, -29] It's a masterpiece... DiCarprio was so handsome there

2. [+3223, -36] People get jealous of others' popularity everywhere ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2935, -18] It's a masterpiece. I watched it a lot of times but it doesn't get boring!

4. [+2504, -84] I never watched Titanic. Is it good?

5. [+1959, -13] Titanic is so touching ㅠㅠ

6. [+211, -3] DiCarprio's legendary days... No one can beat him. Titanic made me fall for DiCarprio hard

7. [+181, -3] The quality of the film aside, this was the film I enjoyed the most. I never knew three hours could pass so fast

8. [+178, -2] It was so sad when the musicians were playing the instruments at the end ㅠㅠ

9. [+165, -10] I like it because it's really like the old West. The corrupted high-class family, Rose, was realistically portrayed. These days, the films are unrealistic and they're full of video affects so they're fancy but unrealistic. So I think that was also the peak of Hollywood. I didn't like how Frozen was too focused on the video and it lacked the storyline. Especially when the parents randomly died... it should've been portrayed seriously but they omitted everything

10. [+135, -2] DiCarprio is so handsome...

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