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Possible reason of why Australian Daniel had to leave Abnormal Summit

TH: The truth(?) of Abnormal Summit Autralian Daniel's withdrawal

Recently, there were news about the members paying a fine due to visa violations. Zhang Yuan had a foreign teacher visa and Tyler had a student visa, which they're not allowed to have entertainer promotions. JTBC only thought Abnormal Summit was going to be a pilot program and got permission from the Ministry of Justice for the problematic members to appear for one episode.

But the show succeeded too much and the members became permanent before the visa problems could be solved. They had to get kicked out of the country because they did constant entertainer promotions with a teacher visa and a student visa, not an entertainer visa. But JTBC negotiated with the Ministry of Justice and Tyler and Zhang Yuan only had to pay a fine.

German Daniel had already noticed this visa issue so he got an entertainer visa and quit his Korean company. (He gave up his worker visa to promote on TV) Enes and Alberto have Korean wives and lived in Korea for more than 5 years so they're permanent residents. Takuya already has an entertainer visa.

However, Australian Daniel also had visa conflicts like Tyler and Zhang Yuan but JTBC didn't solve the issue for him. So he has to go back to Australia for two months and do it himelf. But they lied and said he's going to Australia for two months "because of studying".

So Australian Daniel was pissed and posted, "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What studying. ㅗ Me, study?" when today's episode ended. But his post got criticisms so he deleted it and clarified that his account was hacked. His clarification post got even more hate so he also deleted the post.

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