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Original rumor mills of Sulli, Jessica, Luhan, Sungmin, Lee Dong Wook

(This Pann was posted on Oct 4th but these rumor mills had been spreading on Korean sites before the date)


Pann: Five rumor mills that give you goosebumps

1. Recently, a girl group member A's behavior caused rumors of leaving her group and quitting her celebrity career. However, she decided to stay in her group. The decision was mostly done by the members as they waited for her despite their numerous schedule problems. Their bond is stronger than expected.

2. Should we call it "the second T-ara"? Girl group member B is about to get kicked out by her members. She was suddenly told to take a break without reasons. We don't know what's going on but we can never trust what we see on TV.

3. Every year, celebrities' gambling is controversial. The thrill of losing the money they worked hard to earn seems to be amazing for them. An actor C keeps doing projects without a rest this year. People wondered the reason and gambling seems to be it.

4. Something to congratulate. From the second generation idols, a male idol D will become a married man for the first time after Wonder Girls Sunye. But D is not likely to be absent from his group promotions after getting married. Please show lots of good promotions after getting married.

5. A member E is absent from overseas concerts recently. The truth is that he's preparing to leave his group. Maybe it was hard for him to get adjusted in Korea since he's a foreigner. What a controversial group.


1. [+68, -9] Luhan was caught going to the hospital by sasaengs and it's obvious that he's absent because he's sick. What crap is this

2. [+46, -10] Sungmin's rumor is real. He's getting married on December 13th.

3. [+35, -4] 1.Sulli 2.Jessica 3.Lee Dong Wook 4.Sungmin 5.Luhan. When these rumor mills surfaced, their names were already mentioned. But rumors are always rumors

4. [+25, -2] Half of rumor mills are always right. Han Hye Jin was first mentioned in rumor mills and more than half of Lee Byung Hun's scandals were first reported in rumor mills. Why are people saying that it's total bullshit ㅋㅋㅋ Half of those rumors will end up as real

5. [+24, -0] So there are idiots who believe Luhan's departure

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