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Opinions that are against Jessica

Pann: The truth of Jessica and SNSD


1. [+189, -28] What I'm disappointed the most is how she targeted the 8 members on Weibo. This is obviously Jessica's mistake and her wrongdoing. A lot of Jessica fans lost their trust because of this. In her official statement, she again targeted the members. She never mentioned that she was the one who asked to leave first like SM said and she never clarified any rumors like marriage. She was only trying to appeal emotionally. Her official statement was all about getting kicked out by the company and the 8 members. If Jessica wanted to clarify the misunderstandings, then she had to explain the details but she just repeated what she said. Why didn't she mention how she asked to leave the group, how she brought her boyfriend to every schedule, and how she arrived a day before the fan meeting with her boyfriend? She only repeated what she said and targeted the members. And people are saying that the 8 members kicked Jessica out because they were jealous of money but do you think it makes sense? They already decided to give up CFs when Jessica started her business because Jessica's business would be a competitor to the brands. But she had to promise that she wouldn't be lax in SNSD's promotions. And isn't Jessica's behavior obviously lax in SNSD? What do you mean she got kicked out... Jessica was just trying to do both and she ended up being lax in one side. Not just being lax, but she also broke the promises she made with the members and the fans. The members supported her when they were renewing their contracts and she promised that SNSD would be her first priority. It's Jessica who broke the promise. I really don't understand why the 8 members are getting hate. So frustrating.

2. [+157, -24] Is Jessica really the victim? Most people are supporting Jessica and I don't understand it

3. [+151, -15] She was the one who talked about leaving the group first. Doesn't she consider how the members feel? Yeah it's true that she's kicked out and SM and SNSD are being mean with it. But she's the main reason of this situation... She's not solving out and only putting more dirt on it... Ugh

4. [+36, -7] I'm so dumbfounded with the people who are saying that she got kicked out because of money. It's not like Jessica fed SNSD and isn't Yoona the member who earns the most? Do you think the other members are not doing business because they're stupid? Do they not have boyfriends? Some people are questioning why she can't do a business when others are doing acting, variety shows, radio, and musical, ugh... Do you learn how to obtain a driver's license in school? Compare what you can compare. Running an online shopping site still takes a lot of effort. She's opening an international store and yet she also wants to promote in SNSD? Does this make sense? The members know that the reason why Jessica wants to promote in SNSD after getting married is because she can get a lot of benefits for her business, not for SNSD. The members know that for Jessica, SNSD is just for that

5. [+34, -5] It's true... I was supporting Jessica at first but as I was thinking, I realized that Jessica is the one who back-stabbed them... SNSD is close like sisters but I think this happened because Jessica was too greedy with business and her boyfriend


Pann: Why Jessica got kicked out

1. [+109, -37] The last troublemaker Taeyeon. Unlike her cute looks, she's very cynical and pessimistic. She has mood swings as big as Jessica's. She barely did her job as a leader since SNSD's debut. The true leader is Sooyoung and the one who takes action is Tiffany. She's a leader but she gets very stressed with a situation she can't handle. She easily gets affected with small incidents and she doesn't know what to do. She thinks she's the most miserable and sad person in the world

2. [+68, -25] Jessica betrayed the 8 members and the fans first because of money and told them that she'll leave the group. She's running a business of her own when she's in a group, which is against business ethics. So it's true that she should leave the group first before running a business. Why did she start her business before leaving, ugh what a babo... Anyways, I feel bad for SNSD members who are betrayed by Jessica. I'm not a fan but even I feel disappointed

3. [+58, -17] The main problem of this situation is from Jessica but the 8 members are seen as the bitches. She keeps emphasizing that she got kicked out but she's the one who wanted to leave first. This is why Jessica is not mentioning about it

4. [+31, -1] It'll soon be revealed that Tyler Kwon has no abilities... Jessica is being used... She should get her hands off of the business or else she'll have to pay for the loss

5. [+25, -11] It's true that some SNSD members can't be controlled... The uncontrollable members Jessica, Hyoyeon and Taeyeon are taking turns to cause controversies... Jessica is only good to those who are her friends. Her usual personalities are unpleasant and she has mood swings. If she doesn't like something, then she'll try to quit no matter what. She has no patience. She's had complicated relationships with men since she was a trainee. If she falls for something, she'll dig into it really hard. The reason why this situation got so big is because not just of Tyler Kwon, but she had doubt of SNSD's promotions


Pann: Taeyeon cries at Jessica's official statement

1. [+204, -50] She lost people's trust after TaengKoong

2. [+187, -103] What a joke ㅋㅋㅋ Why is she crying when they're the ones who kicked Jessica out ㅋㅋ What a show

3. [+118, -151] She could've targeted Jessica because she felt betrayed at how Jessica didn't keep her promises. Maybe she cried because the members tried to support Jessica and yet they're seen as the bad ones. I don't know about TaengKoong but I understand why she's crying this time

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