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Opinions on Sulli's looks

Pann: Sulli from men's perspective


1. [+162, -61] Her face doesn't get divided opinions. Sulli was a really hot topic on male sites when f(x) debuted

2. [+130, -42] Sulli's face is so pretty though... She suits any hairstyle and she was pretty since she was little


3. [+119, -35] I think she's prettier because her lips are thick


4. [+90, -65] I personally don't find her that pretty... In Red Light music video, I found her so fucking pretty but in some pictures, she looks so-so... Especially the 'snow white' gif doesn't look pretty at all. I guess people all have different standards ㅋㅋ

5. [+65, -27] Sulli reminds me of Snow White... Fair skin, red lips, and big eyes. I envy her ㅠㅠ You can't get this kind of face with plastic surgery


6. [+58, -14] Her looks are not the typical pretty looks in our country. She's uniquely pretty. For me, she's freaking pretty. Her facial features are not big but she's so pale so she shines from afar. She was shining when I went to an SM concert. You have to see her irl, she's so pretty

7. [+53, -3] I think Sulli is a total goddess but my male dongsaeng finds Krystal prettier ㅋㅋ People all have different standards. Women and men don't matter

8. [+49, -15] I think she's prettier because her lips are thick


9. [+41, -26] What do you mean her looks don't get divided opinions? I never found Sulli pretty. She looks like a goldfish. I'm not a butthurt girl, I'm a guy who is discharged from GOP. I was a soldier who is trained with shooting, installing and using M16A1. I'm a guy. She does get divided opinions. Some of my friends find Sulli pretty but some also say she looks like a goldfish like me. 

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