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Dad Where Are You Going apologizes for the controversy of fermented skate

Article: 'Dad!' PD, "the controversy of fermented skate was a misunderstanding caused by editing, we'll be careful"


1. [+119, -18] Why are you guys apologizing? I watched the episode and I didn't find it controversial, no matter how I thought of it

2. [+101, -9] I didn't find it controversial... 

3. [+64, -5] It doesn't deserve this much of a controversy. They're not foreigners visiting Korea. They've lived in Korea for 5 years. The food does get divided opinions but it's not like they gave dirt and they didn't force them to eat it

4. [+10, -3] I enjoyed the episode. I think people were being sensitive about it because a lot of Koreans also don't find it eatable. They only tried a bite, how is this wrong... At chicken feet stores in Shinsa-dong, you'll find tons of foreigners. They say the chicken feet look disgusting but once they try it, they can't get enough of it. How is recommending fermented skate controversial? On I Live Alone, Fabien took the foreigners from a guest house to Namdaemoon and recommended Korean foods, including the fermented skate. It's one of the fun aspects for foreigners

5. [+10, -4] People can't take jokes

6. [+8, -2] Those who watched the episode are not saying anything. The mad people are those who didn't even watch the episode

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