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Girl group visuals

Pann: Girl group visuals

Suzy - Miss A

Naeun - Apink

Yura - Girl's Day

Seolhyun - AOA

Sulli - f(x)

Tiffany - SNSD

Hyuna - 4Minute

Jiyeon - T-ara

Irene - Red Velvet

Sandara Park - 2NE1

Hara - Kara

Nana - After School (Orange Caramel)


1. [+133, -5] The reason why this post has more downvotes- Apink: opinions are divided to Chorong and Naeun. I also saw people saying Bomi is prettier. Girl's Day: honestly, opinions have to be divided to all four members because they're all pretty. AOA: it's Seolhyun for sure. She starred in a drama when AOA wasn't even popular. But some people say Choa and Jimin are prettier. SNSD: they have lots. I saw some people saying Taeyeon is the prettiest. Yoona, Yuri, Tiffany, etc. Red Velvet: Irene for sure. Joy, Wendy, and Seulgi might be more charming but it's Irene. We don't know how Joy will grow up to look. F(x): either Sulli, Krystal, or Victoria. T-ara: Jiyeon is the outstanding one. Miss A: They have an answer

2. [+117, -19] I think Hyeri could be the visual of Girl's Day. Soshi's visual is definitely Yoona... Tiffany is pretty too, but Yoona was always famous for her pretty looks since debut. For f(x), I think Krystal could also be the visual. I approve the rest

3. [+107, -12] Honestly, isn't Yoona the visual of SNSD? Tiffany is pretty but Yoona's looks are unapproachable. I think Krystal, Victoria, and Sulli are the top visuals in f(x)

4. [+83, -86] Girl's Day members are all pretty


5. [+33, -3] Honestly, Girl's Day doesn't have an outstanding member and the four members all look different. I don't think they have a specific visual member. People all have different opinions when they talk about Girl's Day's visual

6. [+32, -1] I was like "what?" at Tiffany. Yoona is also mentioned as the top idol visual. The visual is Yoona

7. [+29, -17] 


8. [+29, -20] Hey, is Hyuna really pretty? She looks like a part-timer at a hair salon. She's a tryhard who only exposes

9. [+28, -2] Isn't Yoona the visual of SNSD? Even adults know her for her pretty looks

10. [+25, -30] Suzy is pretty in Miss A but I think Fei is prettier. Please add Fei, too. And I think Victoria is more of a visual shock than Sulli. Yoona is prettier than Tiffany. The bermuda line of Yoona-Yuri-Seohyun. I really don't agree with Jiyeon, though. Hyomin was the prettiest before the plastic surgery

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