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Success of foreigners in variety shows

Article: The use of foreigners in variety shows, a success and a failure are only divided by 'a piece of paper'


1. [+2316, -13] I think Abnormal Summit is the show that used the foreigners very wisely

2. [+1919, -11] Those who made Abnormal Summit are amazing

3. [+1582, -8] When something succeeds, a bunch of people start copying it

4. [+1310, -14] This article is obviously criticizing Hello Stranger ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1271, -7] Abnormal Summit is funny...

6. [+131, -10] I think Henry's talent is a waste to be mentioned in this article... I don't understand why his company is putting him in that kind of a show when he's musically talented

7. [+136, -20] I think Kangnam-ssi is the best... He's well-mannered and is always smiling, it even makes me happy

8. [+104, -1] Sam Hammington's in a weird spot lately. He's completely adjusted on Real Man so his gag style of being clueless is gone but he still can't speak properly

9. [+99, -2] Abnormal Summit is jjang

10. [+101, -8] Abnormal Summit is the funniest, especially Zhang Yuan ^^

11. [+85, -6] Hello Stranger gets such bad ratings... It's not funny either. They have no solution, canceling the show is the answer

12. [+90, -13] Kangnam ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+84, -10] Kangnam is the only funny one on Hello Stranger

14. [+70, -3] I started liking Henry because of Real Man. He's talented and he shines on the stage but SM is treating him poorly. Kangnam is also funny but he sings well, too. Listen to him

15. [+69, -5] Sam Hammington and Henry share similar patterns but they have different charms... Is it because of the age difference? ㅋㅋ Whenever I watch Henry, I watch with a mom smile, he's so cute

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