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Choi Min Soo criticizes singer-turned-actors

Instiz: Choi Min Soo, "I really hate singer-turned-actors" a straight-forward statement

Choi Min Soo:

"I really hate singer-turned-actors. I really don't like how everybody goes onto acting. I also don't like it when an actor does two projects at a time."


- I think he said it because they're bad at acting... And it's true that the singers are stealing the actors' careers

- It could be... But this is too straight-forward...

- There are more singers who can't act than those who can

- I wouldn't mind it if they're good at acting but I hate it when they're bad ㅠㅠ

- As long as the singers get their talents verified like Siwan, Kyungsoo, and Lee Joon ㅋㅋ 

- Well he also released an album, too...

- He's saying this because there are many cases of bad acting by singers and idols

- Releasing an album is done individually whereas acting roles are done as a group. How are they the same?

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