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Blind item of an actress' rudeness

Pann: An actress' never-changing rudeness

A is an actress. She was a model of a beauty brand. She attended an event of the brand. At the event, she said, "I don't use cheap brands like this!" The staff was shocked and the entire brand refused to cast her. She took a hiatus to reflect. When she came back, she was more outgoing and cooperative than before.

But her rudeness never stopped. These days, 'airport fashion' is a hot issue. If a celebrity's airport fashion becomes issued, the company's profits increase for hundreds of times.

These days, airport fashion is all sponsored from head to toe. They even sign contracts like CF deals. The airport fashion photos look natural so people think journalists take the photos. But they're photographers from the companies.

A and her sponsor company staged where to walk, pose and the certain location. The company hired journalists and told them the location and the time. But A did not appear at the promised time. A then came right before the departure time and went on her way instead of the way she promised to.

She walked too fast and disappeared. The manager even hit one of the photographers with a big umbrella. They got into a fight and the photographer was injured. But A left as if nothing happened.


Q: "A's modelling promotions after the incident?"
A: "The company is not planning to renew their contract with her."

Q: "Why in the world did A do that?"
A: "Like I said, her rudeness never stopped."

Q: "If she's not being cooperative, then the pictures won't look good. Isn't A the one who will be at loss with this?"
A: "The God is unfair. A still looked pretty no matter how and where they were taken."


She showed a new paradigm of airport fashion. She came to the airport with three purses at a time (for advertising as many as companies possible)


1. [+308, -91] Is there still an actress who's rude like that? You're stupid if you don't get what I'm saying.
(TN: This comment is playing on words and is hinting Lee Na Young)

2. [+254, -13] What's with people guessing Kim Sae Ron because she's a woman of Ahjusshi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+215, -6] I'm more shocked at the reality of airport fashion than Lee Na Young. So they were all sponsored clothings and the photos were taken by professional photographers?? The walks and poses were all staged???

4. [+163, -15] Brave Journalists should change their show name. They're saying they're brave but they're only talking about celebrities. I'll watch the show if they reveal the dirt from politicians and companies

5. [+159, -18] Total idiots. You guys keep dissing Ha Ji Won in Empress Ki but you don't bash Lee Na Young who's advertising Uniqlo jeans which is a right-wing company. Idiots ㅋㅋ Lee Na Young who's advertising a right-wing company Uniqlo is the most shittiest person but these stupid netizens are only targeting Ha Ji Won who is a good actress

6. [+150, -18] I'm not interested in the entertainment industry at all and I only watch Infinity Challenge... It was weird. Honestly, Infinity Challenge viewers didn't like it when Lee Na Young guested on the show. But no matter how hard Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung Don danced and joked, she sat there with blank expressions and she didn't do anything... It was so unpleasant

7. [+132, -6] 


8. [+132, -14] I'm so disappointed with Lee Na Young... I didn't view her like that. Which aspect does Won Bin like from her? Well they must be the same

9. [+128, -12] Years ago, I read this blind item. When she was filming The Fugitive: Plan B, the staff caught her walking out of Daniel Henney's room at a hotel they were staying. But she ignored them and she went to Won Bin after dumping him

10. [+124, -6] I don't think it's Lee Na Young... She was never issued with her airport fashion and wasn't she a model of cosmetics for a long time? I think it's Ko So Young... The purses and she was a model of Iope cosmetics for a really short time

11. [+119, -7] Lee Na Young is famous for her kind and shy personalities. A lot of people only read the best reply. The comment that causes misunderstandings should be taken down

12. [+109, -0] Hul is it really her? ㅋㅋ How do the comments know this?

13. [+105, -1] Lee Na Young was a model of cosmetics like Laneige for a long time, what are you guys talking about?

14. [+104, -2] You'll get sued if you post this, OK? ㅋㅋㅋ
(TN: It's a word play that directs Ko So Young)

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