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JTBC says they will fire and replace the staff of Abnormal Summit

Article: JTBC, "The producer and the director of Abnormal Summit will be replaced" an official statement

The producer and the director are to be fired and replaced.
The music producer who is a freelancer and picked kimigayo for the bgm will be kicked out.


1. [+3798, -53] Kimigayo was the worst broadcast accident in history

2. [+3016, -42] They should hold full responsibilities for this... I want this to be a good lesson

3. [+2558, -56] Honestly, what they did is wrong

4. [+2387, -119] The whole staff needs to be replaced

5. [+2228, -369] Are they not gonna change the script writers who are airheads

6. [+569, -13] I'm a big fan of Abnormal Summit and I watched it every week but I can't defend kimigayo... This is such a big mistake

7. [+565, -13] The music producer is a freelancer... He basically screwed up the entire show. Does he even know how much of a loss the staff, casts, and others have? It won't be enough even if they sue him

8. [+528, -14] They aired the song also on the first episode. They're definitely not normal

9. [+415, -7] The music producer and the PD need to be fired for sure. They have to be responsible

10. [+400, -11] Kimigayo should have never happened. I hope this doesn't happen again

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