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A popular product 'selca stick' causes frustration

Article: The popular selca stick... but it's a 'disturbing stick' in public places due to covering and blocking



1. [+431, -8] It's not just a problem of selca stick, it's the people's problem of lacking manners

2. [+235, -5] It's a selca stick if you're by yourself or with a small group of people. It's a disturbing stick if you're with lots of people. Use it in appropriate situations

3. [+134, -5] It's not the product's fault, it's the people's. Those people will disturb others with any object

4. [+20, -5] The journalist is exaggerating. It's the problem of rude people, not the problem of selca stick

5. [+12, -1] The product is not guilty, the person is

6. [+9, -0] I wanted to destroy the selca sticks at concerts. Taking pictures with cameras was frustrating enough but they were using selca sticks and were covering my view. I was so pissed. Can't they just enjoy the concerts? What's so important about taking pictures? Enjoying is more important

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