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A menstruation festival in Korea

Pann: A menstruation festival in Korea


(The poster talks about women's masturbation)

"The 8th menstruation festival"


1. [+940, -33] Women's menstruation is a completely natural thing, it means healthy and a positive sign of being able to have babies. But I don't think it looks good to have the pads opened like that

2. [+661, -122] It's dirty and embarrassing

3. [+482, -66] I'm a woman but I'm having a menboong. If I love my body, then I have to masturbate? Then should I tell the kids, "guys, if you love your body, you have to masturbate. This is how you masturbate..." 

4. [+78, -1] What's surprising is that the festival is 8th

5. [+70, -5] They could just write letters instead of putting red paint like blood. That looks too gross

6. [+50, -2] There's no problem with talking about women's menstruation and masturbation but how they opened the pads is just no...

7. [+47, -2] People complain about the pads being too pricey but they're being wasted like that

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