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Abnormal Summit controversy gets reported in China & Japan + Kakao stops sponsoring the show

Article: Chinese and Japanese medias report 'Abnormal Summit' broadcasting kimigayo, 'international embarrassment of Korean variety shows'


1. [+3055, -132] Our ancestors got their noses and ears cut off for not singing kimigayo and yet they aired the song on the broadcast. This is the first ever since the independence. What a tragedy. Abnormal Summit needs to be cancelled immediately

2. [+2229, -72] This is a big international embarrassment after the sexual assault of Yoon Chang Joong. I'm so embarrassed...

3. [+2055, -127] Fucking assholes, cancel the show right now instead of apologizing. They deserve to get thundered to death. Get rid of the broadcast station

4. [+193, -7] I was worried that Zhang Yuan's nationalism might cause a controversy but the real problem turned out to be the staff....

5. [+183, -4] Other countries will think, "ah this is why they were colonized. I get it." This is such an embarrassment


Instiz: Kakao stops sponsoring 'Abnormal Summit' due to the kimigayo controversy


Kakao group was a sponsor of Abnormal Summit that appeared at the end of the show. Kakao group said they will stop sponsoring the show and their banner will not be broadcasted on the show anymore.


- Ah this is so embarrassing... Ugh...

- As a fan since the first episode, I have to say this. Japanese and Chinese medias already reported that a Korean show broadcasted kimigayo. This is extremely embarrassing and I can't hold back why we have to suffer this embarrassment. The JTBC staff in charge of the BGM needs to be banned from the industry and the show needs to be cancelled

- This should be an example to the people that things like this should never be repeated again. We'll call it cool if a foreign country gets into a same issue and they cancel the show. Let us do the same thing

- Even if they keep airing the show, the CFs and sponsors will get cut off... The whole staff needs to change or cancel the show

- Cancelling the show is a must thing to do but I feel so bad for the panelists... Guillaume hasn't even paid off his debt yet...

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