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ZE:A leader's shocking tweets

Instiz: ZE:A's tweets today that seems to be something wrong

"Everyone, you know I love you, right?"

"From now on, I will communicate and let all the public know what I have been keeping in my heart, what I saw with my eyes, and the life I felt through my tears. Please follow me, everyone. I especially ask the reporters to follow me.."

"I will hint and promise that my SNS will be a place for me to cry out all the unfairness. From now on, I will just live as a human and a man. I will not pass by if I see unjustness. I shouldn't have kept it all in. All that came back to me were useless curses and the depression that trapped me."

"There's nothing long to be said. I believe that a true leader, a true owner, a true king, and a sincere person should know how to listen to the cries of his people. I can't be tricky like a fox. But I will live justly like a lion. No, that's just my style, and I won't hide it."

"I will show you what a true leader is, what sacrifice is, and I'll show you how tears turn to fury. I'm not joking. From now on, fun things will happen. If my Twitter account gets deleted or muted, you can take that to mean that I am being pressured by that kind of influence. But I'll break it all ^^".

"Know that sincerity and truth can connect and move hearts.. and also manipulate it. Now, I will ask the world my first question. Star Empire's president Shin Joo Hak, who I really trusted and loved.... Is your conscience clear?"

"I cried and asked you.. CEO Shin Joo Hak... I asked you not to cross the line.. You crossed the line that you shouldn't have and now you must deal with it. My lid is open. I have dealt with everything, from hair loss to depression. Be prepared... President, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. All I wanted was a warm word."

"You always said, be a man.. Be a man.. I'll show you what it really means to live as a man. I'm not Jesus, but I'm a child of God, and I'll trust in God and start war."

"I even attempted [suicide].. I saw my parents crying tears of blood in front of the family that I loved. President Shin, cry the same tears. Why? It was so unfair, and I was getting so weak and hideous. But I was a man so I decided I'd die before I got even more hideous."

"My fans, my parents, the parents of the 9 members, and everyone in the world. Why do you think CEO Shin Joo Hak raised me as a killer? Now, I'll return it back to you. Be prepared. Starting tomorrow, I will be uploading data. No, I'll explode it. Do you remember when I asked if you were laughing at me?"

"I'll let you know how it feels like for that laughter to turn into horror. You called us your children, right? Your sons? Now, let me ask you the first question. All the money that those 9 sons made bleeding and crying... Where did it all go? Reply with your hand on your heart."

"I'll finish here for today.. You said that you were the company's owner and CEO, and yelled at me to respect you, right? I'll respect you... I grit my teeth today as well and I'll stand back. Have a nice day.. CEO.. Why did you do this? I asked... I asked you to please stop."

"Ah, and I forgot something. If you threaten or try to buy out the rest of the 8 ZE:A members, I will do the same back to you. I'm prepared to break that as well so stop, president. I'm not going to bear it any longer."

"Those kids... ZE:A.. They're my children. I'm an only child and when I was lonely, they became like brothers to me.. Don't touch them.. They're mine. Don't take anything away from me anymore. I'll become a killer to protect my members and our fans.. God, please help me and listen to my prayers."

"From now on, I will fight to protect my people. Lord.. Please forgive me for having bad thoughts and acting badly for a bit.. As much as I believe in you, believe in me.. I will work to clear the blame of the singers who are being unfairly blamed. Amen.."



- The company has no solution... I can see how much he held back...

- Woah I think something big will happen...

- His words are all over the place, I think he's so enraged ㅠㅠ

- What's scary is that the tweets were posted a while ago but I don't see a single article... Is the CEO threatening, are they paid, or are they just not interested?

- The tweets are all deleted except the first two ones

- I think he means that ZE:A worked so hard and yet they weren't paid properly...


Update: Nate Article

1. [+289, -2] Star Empire has a lot of scandals

2. [+284, -5] Woah... Reading this, I can feel how he held back for years... Star Empire always had scandals

3. [+242, -4] I cheer for you. I don't know the details but it looks like they've had some problems. Find strength. I hope you keep the members

4. [+54, -1] You'll be in big trouble if you fight them wrong... Star Empire was formed by a gang, fight them properly

5. [+49, -0] What I'm worried is that there are so many rumors of the CEO being in a gang. I wonder if those kids would still be able to stay in the entertainment industry after doing this. The public will forget them easily if they're not seen anymore... Siwan and Hyungsik look so innocent, I wonder how they can deal with this fight... And they might be quietly buried by powerful ones... Nine Muses was such a waste, too ㅠㅠ

6. [+41, -0] He's giving up everything to fight them straightly. Find strength...

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