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Three beauties of SM

Pann: Go Ara-Lee Yeon Hee-Yoona, who's the prettiest?


1. [+197, -61] Yoona excluded. Either Lee Yeon Hee or Go Ara

2. [+153, -81] Some people are downgrading Yoona because she's an idol. She would've got ranked higher if she debuted as an actress

3. [+148, -22] Lee Yeon Hee and Yoona are so pretty but Go Ara is my type. Her light brown eyes are so pretty...

4. [+105, -78] Yoona <3 There aren't that many idols who has an aura like her


5. [+83, -22] I really like Yoona's aura so I choose Yoona

6. [+76, -19] Go Ara-Lee Yeon Hee-Yoona

7. [+70, -4] Lee Yeon Hee for me

8. [+65, -4] They're all pretty, I can't decide... Go Ara looks the prettiest in photo shoots but Yoona is so pretty on broadcast ㅠㅠ Lee Yeon Hee is pretty in dramas. What's important is that they're prettier than me

9. [+60, -46] Yoona

10. [+54, -11] It's my first time of not being able to choose on the comparing Panns... They're all so pretty ㅠㅠ

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