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Jung Woo Sung says he will not advance to Hollywood because of the disadvantages of Asian actors

Article: Jung Woo Sung "I did not mean to diss anyone... Hollywood is just not my goal"

Jung Woo Sung said, "I don't see why I have to go to Hollywood to do small roles and antagonists." He got suspicions of dissing actors like Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Sik.

He clarified, 

"The statement I said yesterday was only my personal thoughts. It wasn't about whether the actors should advance to Hollywood or not." 

"I just wanted to say that "I want to be the main character on this land". Those were my personal opinions of not wanting to go to some other country to do supporting characters."

"But what's certain is that Hollywood still uses Asian actors for antagonists. I just feel bad about the perspective of how they see Asian actors. Advancing to Hollywood is not every actor's goal. Of course, there are a lot of actors who have different thoughts with me or have different goals. I had no reason to target them and I didn't mean to."

"Antagonists can be charming. It's not right to understand my words as disliking antagonists. I just don't like the reality of how the Asian actors have to be the antagonists in Hollywood films. This fact has not been changed for a long time."


1. [+738, -23] Of course, the problems occur from the journalists... But I somewhat agree with Jung Woo Sung. Honestly, in Hollywood films, Asians are either the antagonists or poor characters... It might be because they're proud with the fact that they're the best country in the world...

2. [+585, -16] The article titles were exaggerated. I read the full interview and he wasn't criticizing or having inferiority complex

3. [+543, -16] He only shared his opinions on Hollywood, how does this deserve criticisms?

4. [+13, -9] Why is he talking about being the main character when he can't even act? His acting tone is freaking weird. He became a top star with his face alone, he has no modesty. If America offers a role of cleaning a bathroom, you should bow your head down. Why talk about the main character when your acting is shit?

5. [+13, -4] It's not just the issue of acting talent. He's saying that he has no thoughts of going to Hollywood if he would be mistreated and get poor roles because of his nationality and race. Don't make fun of someone with your stupid thoughts, you haters

6. [+13, -3] I think it was Lethal Weapon 4. I was anticipating alot because Jet Li was going to be in it. But his role was a delinquent trash. He was an action actor in a top class at that time. I remember being so disappointed and thinking, "do they really have to make him into trash like that?" I think Jung Woo Sung is saying this kind of thing

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