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Yura vs Naeun

Pann: Who's prettier?


1. [+255, -145] I choose Naeun

2. [+227, -139] I think it's Naeun

3. [+205, -121] They're both pretty but Naeun is a bit prettier

4. [+110, -67] They're both pretty, but Yura's face is dimensional so she doesn't look as good on screen. And her body proportions are totally amazing. Naeun is really pretty but I think Yura is a bit prettier... My subjective thoughts

5. [+75, -42] Yura for me

6. [+54, -23] I saw Yura irl and I couldn't speak. I kept saying "whoa" as I watched her. I haven't seen Naeun irl but after seeing Yura, I became her fan. I personally say Yura!

7. [+44, -24] I personally like people who are kind-looking. Naeun's first impression is really good and her face looks so kind


8. [+42, -12] I prefer an aura like this~


9. [+39, -17] Naeun. I don't think Naeun's body loses to Yura's...

10. [+37, -51] Yura wears a lot of makeup but Naeun wears less because of the innocent concept. If Naeun wears makeup like Yura, then she can easily win Yura. We should compare their bare faces... I choose Naeun. Yura's face looks flat but Naeun doesn't have flaws

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