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Yeeun gets plagiarism suspicions + criticisms for her solo album

Article: 'Music Bank' Ha:tfelt Yeeun, her performance gets extreme


1. [+586, -107] Honestly, it's so-so. Her live singing is mediocre... The choreography looks like it's out of the place

2. [+397, -93] She copied the performance of Sia - Chandelier.
The song is almost similar, too, but I think it's getting a pass because the melody is different.
To be specific, she copied Sia entirely... She should stop pretending to be a unique artist.

3. [+359, -77] Billboard also talked about her copying Sia. They said, "the sudden change in the song genre and the vocal style reminds of Sia's Chandelier"
It's almost the same. JYP's talent is to copy foreign pop stars

4. [+64, -9] Yeeun and Sunmi are not sexy, they can stop pretending like they're strikingly sexy

5. [+58, -7] Her stage name is the worst. Should've just came with Yeeun. What the heck is Ha:tfelt?

6. [+47, -8] She's trying hard to be out of an idol image and is pretending to be professional, but I don't think her stage matches with her. Also, the audience feels awkward when watching it...

7. [+44, -5] Yeeun doesn't really attract the audience... Her dancing is also awkward

8. [+44, -4] I heard that Yeeun ignored JYP's suggestions and only pushed with her own opinions? Well there might be some people who like her song but more people don't.

9. [+43, -4] I can't watch it until the end because it's just embarrassing

10. [+41, -4] Yeeun is freaking reckless ㅋㅋ How the hell did she think of producing this kind of album with the company's money when she can't even get fans from it? She admitted that she had a fight with JYP. It's not something to be confident to ignore her boss when he worked in the industry more than she did. Besides, it costs so much money to produce an album. I guess she's a headstrong kid who doesn't think of the outcomes. Yeeun, think of the rookie mindset. If JYP didn't put you in WG and you debuted from another company, you would've failed because your looks and your talents are nothing. Like how other JYP artists said, she's too greedy. She's very greedy but her talents are too weak for it. But she doesn't know it and she overrates herself

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