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Blind item of a movie production

Blog: Cruel jealousy of a nation's actor

Actor A is called a nation's actor.
He was reviewing for his next film and found a good scenario for it. A suggested the scenario to a respected movie director. The director accepted A's suggest and casted B for another lead.

B has great looks and acting talent, so A was satisfied.
But the problem began.

As they started filming the movie, A felt extremely left out.
The director and B had such a close relationship. A was the one who found the scenario but B was most likely to be chosen as the main character.
Because of this, the atmosphere at the filming scene was cold as ice.
A hid his frustration, but something happened and A burst out his anger.

Ending credits are taken as very serious by actors.
At the ending credits, B's name was shown earlier than A's name.
A felt very attached to the movie because he was involved since the production period, so he felt betrayed. The movie agency clarified that the names were ordered by ㄱ,ㄴ,ㄷ order.

A barely participated in promoting the movie so B had to promote alone.



1. A, B, and the director are all men.

- The movie is about A and B chasing each other

2. It's not a recent movie

3. To export the movie overseas, B's name was important.

- B is the main character and B is a popular hallyu star overseas

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