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Top 3 topics with clear likes/dislikes

Instiz: Top 3 topics with clear likes/dislikes

1. Living with your lover before marriage

Yes or No

2. One night stands

Yes or No

3. Friendship between a girl & a guy

Possible or Impossible


- Yes for all but you have to be responsible for the outcomes

- Disagree with one night stands, it's dangerous

- No for 1. Living with a lover before marriage is a bit...

- Yes for 1 if you're planning on marrying them

- Impossible for 3. I used to think it was possible but all of my friends ended up dating their opposite sex friends

- Yes for 1, no for 2, possible for 3

- No for all

- A girl and a guy can never be 100% friends

- I think one night stands is okay if you're not dating someone

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