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Taemin talks about his lack of dating experience

Article: Taemin "I lack dating experience, I don't even remember because it's a far off memory"

Sunny: "If you have a crush on someone, are you the type of person to confess first? Or do you watch them from afar because you can't express your feelings?"

Taemin: "If I really like the person, I think I'll confess first. I'm a hasty person. I think I still lack experience. It's been a very long time since I've dated so I don't even remember."

Sunny: "You lack experience? You should date a lot when you're still young and pretty."

Taemin: "I'll do it with fans"

Sunny: "That's an exemplary answer."


1. [+398, -112] Then date Taeyeon. She'll lead you really well. She was no joke when she was kissing Baekhyun

2. [+222, -8] Where is the Taemin I saw during Replay?

3. [+167, -10] He's still young but he doesn't remember? Then when did he date?

4. [+28, -29] The way he treated Naeun showed that he's a big loser

5. [+26, -14] Didn't he say he never dated on WGM?

6. [+24, -16] This kid got so old suddenly

7. [+24, -8] Do you guys actually believe it when celebrities say they never dated?

8. [+24, -15] His dyed hair doesn't suit him

9. [+23, -23] I'm noticing that Taemin is getting ugly... Is it because of his hairstyle?

10. [+23, -21] Isn't he only 22 years old? Why does he look so old?

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