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Sulli ditched her schedule before?

Instiz: Sulli didn't attend an Awards with a non-existing schedule

On January 16, Sulli didn't attend Golden Disk Awards because "she had to film her movie"

f(x): "We share our honor with Sulli, who couldn't be here today."
-The article also says Sulli couldn't attend the awards due to filming her movie

If you read the info about Sulli's movie The Pirates, it states that the filming was done on January 9

Her next movie Fashion King started filming on January 18

- Basically Sulli had no filming schedule on January 10 ~ January 17 but she didn't attend the Awards on the 16th

On January 19, Sulli obtained a cart driving licence 
(This licence is only for the place's promotion)

Her real license in Choiza's wallet (you can change your name in the license)


- Hul... The other members must be having a hard time

- Woah... the more I find out, the more I think she's immature

- No wonder why her fans are mad

- I don't even feel anything anymore because I completely lost my feelings for her... I just feel bad for the other members ㅠㅠ I hope it ends well

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