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Park Bom at YG concert

Pann: YG family concert Park Bom


1. [+134, -22] So amazing how someone like her can perform on a stage. Because of her, Bigbang's old scandals are being brought up and people are talking about her on Winner articles

2. [+100, -27] Her face looks weird recently... Don't know whether this is because of drugs

3. [+75, -184] Park Bom looks unnatural but she sings well, doesn't she have all qualifications as a singer?

4. [+36, -6] It's a crazy world where criminals can perform confidentially

5. [+32, -8] I'm more scared that there are people who are defending druggies. There are limits to defending. Those who are defending her are the ones who bash innocent celebrities

6. [+20, -2] I'm afraid that I might have to face those who defend her in the society. They're worse than ilbe

7. [+20, -10] Her nose looks so weird

8. [+18, -2] Next criminal, please

9. [+15, -4] YG should kick Park Bom out if he has some thoughts. Because of her, people are only talking about drugs on YG artists' articles. Is YG joking? YG seems to have no solutions, either

10. [+13, -3] Park Bom is shamelessly confident because there are still fans who are defending her. Ugh how can these pathetic bitches defend a criminal?

11. [+12, -6] Can Blackjacks stop mentioning GD? What she did was smuggling and she's been hiding it for four years ㅋㅋ And YG took down all the articles. At least there were so many articles of GD. Who doesn't know that YG favors 2NE1? Are you saying that YG also took down GD articles? What bull is this? He was always ranked #1 on Nate articles and he got so much hate. But what about her? YG favors her so much. Park Bom was considered important in 2NE1 because "she's a good singer" but CL sings better than her

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