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Kim Yoo Jung and Joy

Pann: Kim Yoo Jung got prettier


1. [+122, -46] She's prettier than Joy

2. [+83, -11] Why are people talking about Joy on Kim Yoo Jung post

3. [+59, -14] I'm a Red Velvet fan but don't talk about Joy here. Btw Kim Yoo Jung is so pretty... I'm a girl but I'm awed

4. [+29, -35] 


5. [+22, -1] Pretty

6. [+17, -2] Kim Yoo Jung's point is her eyes. Her overall face is charming. Joy's mouth is where the resemblance comes. Their thick upper lip and their smile. So when Joy doesn't smile, she doesn't look like Kim Yoo Jung. Most importantly, Joy reminds of Kim Yoo Jung but Kim Yoo Jung doesn't reminds of Joy. Their classes are just different

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