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K-fans get fed up with YG & YG fans

Pann: Ah you fucking YG fangirls

(Pann criticizes YG fans for defending YG artists)


1. [+339, -21] Does YG seriously give all their earnings to the Ministry of Justice? What connections do they have to be free from weeds and drugs?

2. [+331, -23] I logged in to comment. Seriously, what connections does YG have? It's true that I don't view Bigbang and Park Bom positively anymore. My friend said that Park Bom's scandal was a conspiracy theory and that it's to cover up a national scandal. When I heard her saying that, I realized how stupid the fans were. Even if they try to cover the sky with their hand, everything will get revealed at the end. Their media-play showed their level. They used everything like JYP, sleeping pills and a friend's suicide. Also they took down all the articles ㅋㅋ

3. [+285, -23] Isn't it true?

4. [+131, -16] If it was an SM thing, YG fangirls would've hated them to death ㅋㅋㅋ They had concerts on the same day yesterday and YG fans were downvoting SM articles ^^

5. [+109, -13] YG concert was $10 and SM concert was $35. Also I heard that YG fans are downvoting SM articles ㅋㅋㅋ YG = Yak Guk (pharmacy)

6. [+107, -7] Not just about the defending YG fans do, but also that they're extremely proud. They even look down at other groups ㅋㅋ My class was watching YG music videos and we changed to some idol's music video, and a YG fan said, "hey why are you guys watching these guys after YG fam?" and looked down at them ㅋㅋ She even left because "the level is different" I was really pissed because I was a fan of the idol

7. [+97, -9] Honestly I hated the sex scandal and the weed scandal but the fans defended really hard and the issues got buried. But with Park Drugs, I completely lost my interest in YG ㅋㅋ If it happened in China, she would've gotten a death sentence

8. [+96, -186] YG win #1 a lot but when I go out, I only hear Sistar, K.Will, and Girl's Day's songs. I really don't understand why Winner wins #1

9. [+96, -15] YG fans are nothing without the pride they have. There's a vip in my class and she worships them so much to the point it gets annoying. She says "TOP's looks don't lose to actors, Taeyang has a charming face. Have you seen someone like Taeyang?" She lectures others that all Bigbang members are talented. I was so annoyed so I mentioned their scandals, and she glared at me and continued her lecture ㅋㅋ And she even bashed the idols I like

10. [+96, -8] YG looks like the dirtiest in the industry. Considering the scandals we know, imagine how dirtier they are behind

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