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Jackie Chan's son gets arrested for smoking marijuana + YG shade

Article: Jackie Chan's son gets arrested, he can't be excused from the possibility of getting sentenced to death... His father's reaction

Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan and an actor Ko Chen Tung got arrested for smoking marijuana


1. [+1301, -119] Park Drugs would've died if she was Chinese. Our country is a great place to live

2. [+1038, -277] Park Drugs death penalty. GD death penalty

3. [+992, -137] Park Bom death penalty

4. [+130, -13] If you want to run an entertainment business, make sure you get the Ministry of Justice by your side like YG did. You're then free to smoke weed or do drugs, how awesome is this world?

5. [+61, -10] Our country's YG Yak Guk (pharmacy) Yang Drugs, G-Drugs, and Park Drugs should be thankful of being born in Korea. Don't even dream of advancing to China!!!!!

6. [+56, -3] Ko Chen Tung... It's equivalent to Lee Seung Gi getting caught doing drugs

7. [+48, -4] Jackie Chan's son and Ko Chen Tung, don't you guys have a childhood friend who died while playing soccer? Don't you guys have a Japanese fan who gave you a "cigarette" in a bathroom?

8. [+41, -3] Look at this, this is why Chinese people are coming to Korea. In their country, druggies can't escape from the possibility of getting death penalty, but our country doesn't even sentence murderers to death. Rapists and human trafficking also don't get death penalty... I don't really like China but I really want China's strict laws towards criminals... This is how you clean the trashy people

9. [+39, -3] In China, you're nothing with the laws... I really like that

10. [+37, -8] I like their strict punishment. It's a pity that Korea doesn't have great laws like that. But anyone can tell that the left person is Jackie Chan's son

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