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Cringy-worthy captions of The Return of Superman

Pann: Cringy-worthy captions of The Return of Superman

"Sorry, wife! My eyes can only see Sarang right now~"

- Sarang-ah, did you already forget? You used to be happy in my arms!
- Are... we... again back to the start?
- Love is moving

- Our Sarang... Get smart... get smart...
- Feeling father's love with her whole body

- The miraculous chance of being with you was one out of 6 billion
- If I didn't have you, who looks prettier than yesterday,
- I can't last a day
- If I didn't have you, I would've sank in a rough storm
- Thank you for saving me. I want to be with you forever

- The spot where you used to be,
- It was a war scene
- I didn't know it because you always smiled
- The time I have a hard time to handle
- is not the 48 hours I spend with my kid
- It's the 48 hours without you
- Thank you for coming to me

- Mom... I don't think I can do this anymore
- Where's my mom who used to hug me and touch me?
- I just want to be asleep until mom's here
- It's the longest 48 hours in my life

- Mom is first, fish is second, dad is... the last
- But the only person who can save is me
- So I have to endure all this


1. [+378, -1] MBC's captions are is jjang 

2. [+325, -3] Honestly I want them to stop translating baby mumbling ㅠ

3. [+259, -5] Appa Odiga's captions are jjang

4. [+54, -1] So I wasn't the only one who thinks this. I don't watch Superman because of the captions. They're cringe-worthy ㅠㅠㅠ The mumbling translations, ugh. Appa Odiga's captions are much better

5. [+46, -3] Infinity Challenge has jjang captions

6. [+43, -1] MBC's captions are witty. KBS is just old. SBS is only good at dramas

7. [+38, -0] Ah seriously I can't watch this because the captions are cringe-worthy ㅋㅋㅋ I don't know who writes them but they need to change it

8. [+35, -3] Infinity Challenge for captions

9. [+34, -0] The writer has no talent. They make the kids look rude by writing "you eat this, dad!" "I don't want to!"

10. [+34, -1] The only reason why I don't watch Superman is because of the captions ㅋㅋ I like Sarang so much and everything else, but the fucking captions...

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