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Block B's HER mv and Chen's Best Luck get deleted on Youtube

Instiz: An official music video deleted by an unreasonable reason of violation of copyrights

Music video of Block B's HER got deleted by Remove Your Media LCC

Remove Your Media LCC deletes videos by reports

Fans are trying to find out why

Seven Seasons said that the MV was deleted by someone's malicious report


Instiz: Following Block B's MV, EXO Chen's Best Luck also got deleted

Best Luck MV was also deleted by Remove Your Media LCC.
Also, other videos of EXO-L promotions, Grazia, and other fashion videos were deleted


Instiz: Block B Zico and Park Kyung's tweets of the MV deletion

Zico: "Fxxx all the haters. Go ahead and try stepping on us. The more you step, the more you pump us."

Park Kyung: "Try to step on us. Because at the moment, Taeil hyung's muscles get pumped."

PK: "We know how our bees worked. Don't be too sad~ Jjang jjang bees~!"


- I'm sure the members are also mad ㅠㅠㅠ

- The same thing also happened to Kim Yuna... Her videos were taken down by Japanese

- The music video is so important for Block B to win #1

- People worked so hard to create the MVs, how can some people just destroy them like that...

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