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Tiffany gets criticized for her rude manners at musicals

Pann: Tiffany was so rude at musicals, tsk tsk

There are Eunhyuk, Tiffany and Taeyeon at the front row of Singing in the Rain

At the previous musical, she shouted "the member's friend is pretty"

At today evening's musical, the member in a dating scandal (Tiffany) shouted "catch her"

She shouted for several times and it was so embarrassing. Why did she do that? The overall musical was good except for that part

When OO came to the musical before, she shouted "pretty~" at the scene where Cathy runs to the audience.

Today, Tiffany and Taeyeon came to the musical and of course, Tiffany shouted "catch! catch her!" Taeyeon was trying to stop her...

It's the most serious scene... Does she not understand the flow? The actors are trying to focus and what is she doing... The audience ended up laughing when it was a serious scene.

At the ending kiss scene, she shouted and laughed ㅋㅋ She did the same thing at Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Why is she doing this every time? I hope she starts to behave. Or don't come to the musical at all.

Sunny didn't practice much so she didn't respect her audience, but Tiffany even overshadowed her...

She shouted "pretty!!" at the previous musical... 

Tiffany was no joke... the other people were trying to warn her but she didn't understand

The audience let her shouting pass

But she was the only one who was shouting at the first singing scene

And when Cathy was down and G.H was saying a speech, she kept saying "catch her catch her catch her"

At the final kiss scene, she was shouting for the whole scene until the lights went off...

She had no respect for the actors and for the audience

I wonder why she's not even embarrassed 

Her managers are also rude...

I wrote about SNSD member's rude manner at Singing in the Rain. 

Why did they delete my post? Did I spread lies? Did I write swearing words?

I'll re-write since I'm pissed

So she was late at the musical and the managers were chatting loudly, which I decided not to care.

But there's the scene where Cathy comes down to the audience and it's the most important scene. Tiffany shouted "you're pretty!!"

The audience started talking when it was supposed to be quiet.

Seriously, don't do that... Your member is at the musical and what are you doing?

I went to watch Singing in the Rain which Sunny is in.

There's the scene where the female character runs to the audience, it's the climax and it's very serious.

The SNSD member shouted "pretty"

I"m so dumbfounded

I heard that the same thing happened at Legally Blonde

Tiffany came to the musical today.

When Yoona came to the musical before, I had no idea because she was staying so quiet.

I heard that Taeyeon came with Tiffany but I'm not sure about Taeyeon.

Anyways, the mood breaker representative Tiffany came.

When Cathy ran to the audience, the male actor said "please catch the lady"

As soon as he said it, Tiffany said it in a clear voice, "Catch her. Come and catch her!"


1. [+209, -13] You can't just defend her because you're a fan of her. It's true that she was rude. The actors easily get distracted if the audience shouts. Even non-celebrities don't do that and she's a well-known person and yet... She should act well-mannered

2. [+186, -45] Yoona's story is not a lie, either ㅋㅋ There were a lot of posts about Yoona's rude manners but they're deleted. Yoona also shouted "pretty" in the middle of a musical. I think SNSD members are airheads. They proved themselves to be ignorant

3. [+135, -47] Hwang Miyoung is like that. She's done this before. As a Sone, I find her cute but the audience would feel frustrated. Tiffany's at fault

4. [+68, -5] "She said it quiet so only a few people heard it"???? You must've not attended a musical before. As a musical fan, no one talks loud enough for others to hear. The audience only laughs and claps at the certain points. They even take plastic bags away because they make sounds. If other people heard it, than it was loud enough. 

5. [+67, -15] Look at how these people are defending her... They're the ones that went to the musical and they spent their time to write those posts, so she must've been quite rude. And yet these people are trying to make it seem like she wasn't doing anything wrong...

6. [+62, -2] Didn't Tiffany say that she shouted "no!" when Kyuhyun and Seohyun had a kiss scene in a musical? She admitted that she said it loud ㅋㅋㅋ She proved it on the TV. When I was watching it, I thought she shouldn't be doing that

7. [+59, -20] Even Instiz, a kind website, has cold reactions towards her ㅋㅋㅋ Why defend her? You should just admit that she was wrong

8. [+56, -105] She was only saying it to herself ㅋㅋㅋ How do you know if she did something big? Do you guys not remember how the haters faked Tiffany's age?

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