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Idolizing the dads on Dad Where Are You Going

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Sung Dongil

- Leader, oldest hyung
- Huge age gap between him and maknae
- Very responsible and prefers divided strength
- Funny and he likes comedy acting, so he goes on variety shows alot
- He has a small fandom but his fandom is very loyal
- He never cried since his debut so the fans want to see him crying
- He barely does fanservice but he sometimes throws a few sentences to the fans. The fandom is touched.
- The overall fandom's atmosphere is "if the leader says so, it is"

Jung Woongin

- Rapper
- Controls dongsaengs
- He has strong personalities but he obeys to the leader
- He's in charge of answering at press releases and formal interviews
- He has a cold image to the public but in the fandom, he has a funny image with his idiotic jokes
- Fans find him the hardest but they trust him
- He's the only member who gets called "oppa"
- He scolds hard at sasaengs
- He doesn't go on variety shows often but when he does, he gets into the top search ranking and gets responses like "was Jung Woongin this funny?"

Kim Sungjoo

- Mood maker in the group
- He gets shipped with a lot of members
- Fandom monster. He has the biggest fandom and sells the most goods
- He's in charge of small interviews and goes on variety shows a lot with his good speaking skills
- He's not strikingly handsome or an amazing singer but he's a stan attractor with him handling fans. Opinions on him are strongly divided between the public and the fandom
- Public "hul he's the most popular? Not Ryu Jin?" / Fandom "of course"
- If he goes on a radio, 500 gifs are made
- He's active on SNS the most and interacts with fans a lot
- He always posts pictures of him with other members on Twitter. He throws the pictures that fans can ship
- He sometimes post "I'm tired" "I'm getting tired" on SNS in midnight and makes fans unable to sleep
- He does a lot of solo promotions as radio DJ and MC
- He always says "I love you everyone" and is the kindest member to fans

Ryu Jin

- Visual member 1
- Also promotes as an actor
- His talent is just enough to sing his parts. He has good personalities and is the tallest but his fandom is small
- He has the most recognition from the public. He has a lot of "light fans"
- Alot of his fans are noona fans
- Another member to get shipped a lot
- Ryu Jin & Kim Sungjoo (stan attracting) and Ryu Jin & Ahn Junghwan (visual to visual) are the rival couples
- He's the member who attracts the fans first. 
- His personalities are actually not perfect. Income from his CFs are divided by 1/6
- He's 187cm tall so his fans have the height pride
- Paparazzi catches him going on dates with a female celebrity that he was on a same drama, so he pisses off the fanfic writers

Ahn Junghwan

- Visual member 2
- He cries a lot and is emotional. Fans take care of him a lot (When he cries in the middle of a song, it becomes a legendary stage)
- He looks very manly from outside, but he has a weak heart so he attracts many stans
- He shows his mature side in interviews because of his hard childhood stories
- He's a clean celebrity style with no accidents or scandals so his fandom is extremely loyal
- He gets the most supports and gifts. His fandom is full of stans, not fans
- He never does SNS and keeps his life very private. A small fangirling material is a huge thing.
- "The most sad and hurt finger"
- The fandom gets enraged when he gets bashed
- During group promotions, he's buried in the fandom but after disbandment, he suddenly shines

Yoon Minsoo

- Maknae
- But his visual is not maknae
- His looks obviously tell that he's a talented member. Obvious main vocal
- Average visual that screams "he became a singer for his talent"
- He cares about fashion more than hyungs but his airport fashion is always a terror. He makes camera fans devastated
- Fans have a party when he's dressed in a plain shirt and jeans
- His vocal talent is recognized more than the group's talent
- He's also very talented in composing. He earns a lot from that.
- His fandom is not big but he has many male fans with his good music
- The public doesn't really know that Yoon Minsoo is the maknae. They're surprised when fans tell them.
- He doesn't really do individual promotions except music promotions.
- He was on Immortal Song and gained a mom fandom.
- The group's digital ranking is so-so but his solo songs and OSTs always all-kill the charts


- Sung Dongil reminds me of Sunggyu ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Obvious main vocal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Ryu Jin is like Ahn Jae Hyo

- Yoon Minsoo's fashion though ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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