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Idols aren't doing well on digital charts this year?

Pann: Idols aren't doing well on digital charts this year

- The only "hits" are Blackpink's Kill This Love, Itzy's Dalla Dalla, and BTS' Boy With Luv
- Girl groups from big companies are being too experimental (Red Velvet's Zimzalabim and Itzy's Icy)
- Girl groups from small companies aren't as popular as the old Sister, Apink, and Girl's Day
- For boy groups, BTS is promoting overseas, EXO is enlisting, and Wanna One has disbanded
- Taeyeon, Chungha, and Chen's solo releases did well


1. [+256, -6] It's because the machines are taking over the charts. If we exclude the machines on Melon, every idol would chart #10 higher.

2. [+138, -25] Only Itzy's Dalla Dalla and BTS' Boy With Luv did well.

3. [+105, -108] Chen's Beautiful Goodbye did well digitally. I think Chen is the only one who did well in EXO this year.

4. [+76, -1] Idols might not be doing well but the ballads on the top chart are all streamed by machines.

5. [+47, -5] BTS' Boy With Luv did well and set a new record on Melon. But now that I think about it, I used to memorize girl groups' songs without listening them on Melon in summer because I heard them everywhere but there's nothing like that anymore...

6. [+44, -2] I'm honestly curious, is Twice's Fancy considered a flop? If we're calling Blackpink's Kill This Love a hit, Fancy should also be considered one... And Red Velvet's Zimzalabim was confusing at first but it's actually quite catchy.

7. [+40, -9] Taeyeon's Four Seasons did well, though?

8. [+37, -0] This is why I don't listen on Melon. The ballads make the weather even hotter.

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