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SM Rookies Yiyang confirmed to have left SM

"Thank you for staying with me. I'm looking for a new start. I'll work hard."

Pann: Female trainee that SM lost today

1. [+197, -17] How does she lack more than Yeri...

2. [+142, -3] Wow, so pretty. She looks like a mix between Yeonwoo and Tzuyu.

3. [+91, -4] SM must have a lot of treasures since they lose so many of them... A lot of Rookies are talented and pretty but they're all leaving SM, it makes me sad. Hyerin used to be on variety shows with NCT kids but she left SM and appeared on Idol School... Does SM have too many treasures?

4. [+41, -0] Agreed with the comments. Just how many visuals and talented trainees do they have that they're losing trainees like this? Are they letting them go since they don't have plans to launch a girl group soon?

5. [+38, -0] The current situation of SM Rookies reminds me of YG's female trainees before Blackpink debuted. SNSD and f(x) are unclear so Red Velvet is doing all the promotions but they're losing to other 3rd generation girl groups. I think they'll debut a hoobae group after Red Velvet settles down. I feel bad for Red Velvet the most.

6. [+29, -1] She looks like Yeonwoo, so pretty.

7. [+24, -0] She looks like a female Kangta.

8. [+21, -1] She looks like Tzuyu with SM vibes.

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